Oral History

Graphic showing information about the Flint Sit-Down Strike.
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Flint Sit-Down Strike

Known as one of the most iconic labor movements in the nation, the 1936 Flint Sit-Down Strike provides fascinating information on the labor movement, capitalism, workers rights, and protest strategies for both historic and modern investigation. This site seeks to capture the spirit of that time through rare audio recordings and interviews with members of…

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Oral History Tutorial

The Oral History Tutorial contains detailed, technical best practices for doing oral history work in the digital age. The site features articles on recording techniques, selecting microphones and recording devices, converting files, and delivering files (among others). In addition to text-based tutorials, users can also download research papers, audio files, and interactive software tutorials.

Black and white photograph of a young Studs Terkel in the radio studio.
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Studs Terkel: Conversations with America

Studs Terkel: Conversations with America is a collection of interviews conducted by Studs Terkel for his books and for his radio program, this gallery showcases the remarkable depth and diversity of Studs Terkel’s talents and provides an excellent model for those interested in the methodology underlying oral history.

Black and white photograph of Booker T. Washington at a desk.
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Earliest Voices

Earliest Voices is a multimedia site presenting some of the most significant voices captured during the first fifty years of sound recording, 1877-1927. Although time has taken a toll on the original versions of these recordings, cutting-edge techniques in digitization have allowed significantly clearer versions of these files to be made available online. Visitors can…

Black and white photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt during a radio broadcast.
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American Voices

American Voices is a collection of late 19th and 20th century recordings, images and text that span the vista of American politics and culture. This archive features vast and valuable resources, including recordings by Neil Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, Spiro Agnew, and Dorothy Day— among many, many others. In addition to being searchable by person and/or…

Women shopping in a yam market in Ghana.
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African Oral Narratives

African Oral Narratives (AON) is home to seven collections of oral and life histories, folklore, and songs from Ethiopia, Ghana, and South Africa. These collections include interviews with: 1. Over 20 individuals involved in military intelligence operations in South Africa during the apartheid era. These interviews are supplemented and enhanced by selected photographs from South…

Screenshot of OHDA website
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Oral History in the Digital Age

The Oral History in the Digital Age (OHDA) project serves as a central resource for individuals or organizations looking to do oral history work in the age of digital tools and technologies. The website features numerous essays, articles, and videos about collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital oral histories. Taken together, these articles comprise a series…