Student Opportunities & Internships

Student Internships and Employment Opportunities

At Matrix, we value our work in digitally preserving cultural heritage materials, and believe it also allows for training students in best practices for digital humanities research, scholarship, and development. We offer a number of internship experiences that are designed to engage students with the tools, competencies, and methodologies needed to carry out this type of work post-graduation. These internships are available to a wide number of undergraduate and graduate students, either at MSU or another institution.

Our student employees are reflective of the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the digital humanities and come from disciplines such as history, anthropology, communications, professional writing, and computer science. If you’re interested in working with MATRIX, we encourage you to read the position descriptions below for more details on the different areas you could work in. After you’ve done this, feel free to get in contact with one of MATRIX’s associates to discuss the type of internship you would like to have.

Student Programmers

Matrix is proud to say that much of our programming is done by undergraduate students. Student programmers are involved with every stage of our product development cycles, and they write code implemented in projects with domestic and international collaborators. They work alongside researchers from computer science, the social sciences, and the humanities to develop innovative approaches to database design, mobile application development, and website building. These interdisciplinary experiences are highly valuable to employers post-graduation, and past student employees have been recruited by Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other leading tech companies.

Humanities Students

Graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of humanities disciplines have found a home here at Matrix, where they are guided by a diverse community of scholars on staff. Student researchers in Matrix help design, implement, and maintain digital humanities research programs, and they gain valuable hands-on experience with metadata, digital curation, content management, and translation. Throughout their time here, students build professional networks with established scholars in their academic and professional fields. These opportunities put our students at a distinct advantage on the job market.

Media and Communications Students

Matrix is highly invested in digital media, and our Digital Media Lab is staffed primarily by undergraduate students. These students gain experience with creating digital media, including converting analog materials to digital formats, producing podcasts, maintaining audio-visual libraries, conducting interviews, making short films, and more. Matrix also employs professional writing and communications students to help Matrix keep in touch with its wide public audience through social media and web content. We are constantly seeking students who wish to do a variety of work in a fast-paced, adaptable environment.

If any of these exciting opportunities sounds right for you, then get involved! We encourage you to take a look at some of our current projects to see what interests you, and then send a statement of interest and a copy of your resume/cv to