The digital humanities are founded on a spirit of collaboration and interdisciplinarity, and the Matrix community exemplifies that spirit. We utilize a community-oriented model of operations that has given us the privilege of partnering with unique and vibrant organizations, institutions, and individuals who have helped shape and refine our identity. Currently, Matrix is continuing in this spirit of collaboration and community through three primary channels:

Matrix nurtures professional relationships with departments and units at Michigan State University. The core leadership of Matrix hails from a wide assortment of departments within the university and is reflective of the interdisciplinary nature of Matrix’s research and development process. Matrix also works closely with the MSU Museum, MSU Libraries, and MSU University Archives & Special Collections on projects in digitizing and preserving cultural heritage materials.

Matrix creates and expands relationships outside of the university, with an international focus. Matrix’s projects address the needs of local, national, and cross-cultural audiences. Matrix bridges scholarly and public communities by partnering with both research-based and practice-based organizations to create archives and tools that answer the needs of multiple groups. With each collaboration, we uphold a commitment to interdisciplinary partnership, sustainable design, and best practices.

Matrix builds capacity within the digital humanities and digital cultural heritage communities. Matrix sustains the future of the digital humanities and digital cultural heritage communities by actively building capacity among the next generation of researchers and practitioners. Our graduate and undergraduate student opportunities are diverse and aimed at providing students with the tools and competencies they need to advance their professional field. By investing in these students now, Matrix is producing young professionals with the skills and experiences necessary to enhance and animate future scholarship and practice.

Matrix is excited to build and maintain collaborative relationships within the current (and future) digital humanities and digital cultural heritage communities. We invite you to become part of our team by partnering with us on a project or joining us as a Matrix associate. Please see our other Community pages for more details about how to get involved.