December 6, 2017

African Studies Association Workshop and Podcasts

Tags: Africa, Conferences, Podcast

The 60th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association took place recently (November 16-18), and many faculty and staff members associated with Matrix presented there. In particular, Matrix’s Dean Rehberger and Mike Green were very active in several ways at the conference. Together they organized a pre-conference workshop titled “Web Presence, Identity, and Podcasting,” which focused on helping scholars establish a web presence and identity through academic websites and podcasting. They explained how to produce a podcast, including how to select equipment, gather questions, edit recordings, and distribute media. Participants also had the opportunity to put these concepts into practice by conducting podcast interviews at the annual meeting. These podcasts became part of the ASA Annual Meeting Podcast Series, hosted by Peter Alegi and Peter Limb. Beyond podcasting and the pre-conference workshop, Dean and Mike also presented during the conference proper. Their presentation, titled “Professional Development Session on Oral History and Digital Storytelling,” explored how today’s digital tools are changing how we do oral history. They covered the latest equipment used in the field, collecting strategies, preservation tips, analysis techniques, and new modes of presentation. All participants received access to a trove of online resources so they could explore the presentation and workshop materials at their own pace. The work and expertise that Dean and Mike presented on are a few great examples of the many innovative projects happening at Matrix. Together with our partners around the world we’re creating innovative solutions to the challenges of preserving, sharing, and storytelling in a digital world.