III. Civic Perspective

Content Standard 5: All students will understand how the world is organized politically, the formation of American foreign policy and the roles the United States plays in the international arena. (American Government and World Affairs)

Early Elementary

Later Elementary

Middle School

High School

1. Distinguish between events in this country and events abroad.
2. Recognize that events in other countries can affect Americans.
1. Explain various ways that nations of the world interact with each other.
2. Describe events in other countries that have affected Americans and, conversely, events the United States that have affected other countries.
1. Describe the purposes and functions of major international, governmental
2. Describe means used by the United States to resolve international conflicts.
1. Describe the influence of the American concept of democracy and individual rights in the world.
2. Evaluate foreign policy positions in light of national interests and American values.
3. Decide what the relationship should be between the United States and international organizations.

- MCF, 51


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