III. Civic Perspective

Content Standard 4: All students will explain how American governmental institutions, at the local, state, and federal levels, provide for the limitation and sharing of power and how the nation's political system provides for the exercise of power. (American Government and Politics)

Early Elementary

Later Elementary

Middle School

High School

1. Identify rules at school and in the local community and consider consequences for breaking rules.
2. Describe fair ways for groups to make decisions.
3. Describe ways that individuals influence each other.
1. Distinguish among making, enforcing, and interpreting laws.
2. Explain how law is used to manage conflict in American society.
3. Explain the basic organization of the local, state, and federal governments.
4. Describe how citizens participate in election campaigns.
1. Evaluate information and arguments from various sources in order to evaluate candidates for public office.
2. Explain how the Constitution is maintained as the supreme law of the land.
1. Evaluate proposals for reform of the political system.
2. Analyze causes of tension between the branches of government.

- MCF, 51

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