III. Civic Perspective

Content Standard 3: All students will describe the political and legal processes created to make decisions, seek consensus and resolve conflicts in a free society. (Democracy in Action)

Early Elementary

Later Elementary

Middle School

High School

1. Explain how conflicts at school or in the local community might be resolved in ways that are consistent with core democratic values.
1. Describe what state and federal courts are expected to do.
2. Describe issues that arise over constitutional rights.
1. Distinguish between civil and criminal procedure.
2. Identify disparities between American ideals and realities and propose ways to reduce them.
1. Using actual cases, evaluate the effectiveness of civil and criminal courts in the United States.
2. Explain why people may agree on democratic values in the abstract but disagree when they are applied to specific situations.
3. Evaluate possible amendments to the Constitution.

- MCF, 51

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