1. Potential Bias
  2. How might their point/message be tied to biases?
  3. What does the document tell/teach you about the early federal period?

View common man: (H) Passionate, go on their own feelings, act on ambition and interest.  (J) View man as self guided, capable of making own decisions; keep government of common man, common man keeps gov’t together.

Safeguards:  balanced between leaders and ruler, elected rulers over natural born leaders

Agree with:  Jefferson because of Revolutionary Republicanism, everyone was well informed.  Leaders more honest back then.

Andrew Burnaby – pessimistic, America will fail because of differences between colonies.

      South – Too much area, population diluted

      North – don’t have enough area

            Population will get too great

            No unity (religion, nation, tongue)

            Denominational persecution

J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur – optimistic; America will prosper because of opportunity.  One American made from many nationalities made more unified.

Thomas Pownall – new world view, fixing the evils of the British model, we will overcome early struggles.

Articles of Confederation

Strengths                                Weaknesses