Stations Project: The Early Federal Period


On Separate Sheets of Paper (you will need at least four total), do the following activities after reading and discussing your station with your group. You have roughly eleven minutes per station.

Station One: Articles of Confederation

In your very own Federalist Paper, explain the faults and failings you can see in the Articles of Confederation and then explain why America needs a stronger central government.

Station Two: Antifederalist Arguments

Write a Federalist speech which attacks the arguments of Patrick Henry effectively. Using evidence, defend the Constitution.

Station Three: What will America Become?

In a reasoned response, answer the three writers, deciding whether you personally have a pessimistic or optimistic view of America's future. Justify your choice carefully.

Station Four: Mob or Minority?

In a reasoned response answer the following questions: How do you view the common man? Would you agree with Jefferson or Hamilton and why? What safeguards would you put into the government to protect against tyranny by either the mob or the minority?