Social Studies Field Studies at Michigan State University

Otto Middle School, Lansing, MI

May 31, 2000


MSU College of Education Technology Exploration Center

8:00 — 9:00 Welcome & Orientation

Getting started:

  • Logon name: visitor; no password
  • From Start Menu or Apple, open WS_FTP (on Dell) or FETCH on Mac.
  • Information you need to connect and transfer your files:
    • Host name: ___________
    • User name: _________
    • Password: __________
  • From Start Menu or Apple, open Netscape Composer.

MSU Museum, Central Services Building

9:15 — 10:45

  • Welcome: Kris Morrissey, Ph.D., Curator of Interpretation, MSU Museum
  • Creating an exhibit on the Sesquicentennial of MSU:

Val Berryman, Curator of History, MSU Museum

  • Writing a history of baseball in North Lansing:

Noe Hernandez, MSU Museum

MSU International Center

11:00 — 11:45 Lunch

MSU College of Education Technology Exploration Center

12:00 — 2:00

  • Finish "online exhibits" in Composer & give your page a unique filename.
  • Upload web pages to edtech.connect server (refer to information above).
  • Web address: http:// name)

*Note: I helped Matt arrange this field study day and prepared this agenda for his students. I edited (deleted) connection information for FTP above. RW

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