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Guidelines for today’s project:

  1. Work in groups of two. It doesn’t matter if your topics are different, please work with one other person.
  2. Your web page should contain the following:
    1. Pictures of your family
    2. Detailed description of that artifact — why is this object important top you and your family?
    3. A summary of your family’s history — how did you and your ancestors come to live in Lansing?
    4. A unique and creative title!
    5. An appealing layout and background — make your web page eye-catching!
    6. An answer to the following question

Which core value do you see most important to your family’s lives and explain why! (Do this in the summary of your family’s history.)
Choose from: Justice, Liberty, Common Good, and Equality

Remember: Use your own "artistic license," and show what is so special about our families and community. HAVE FUN!

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