Case Study - Matt Jason

Core Democratic Values: Liberty, Justice, Equality, & The Common Good
As part of the planning and implementation process, Matt consulted with a social studies educator in the MSU College of Education, and a curator at the MSU Museum about the field study activities outlined in the case. As a culminating activity, students constructed an online museum where they linked Core Democratic Values to their family and community histories. Unlike the other cases, Matt did the videotaping and much of the photography you will find here.

Teacher: Matt Jason - 8th Grade Social Studies, Otto Middle School, Lansing, MI

Teacher Reflection: Each teacher was asked to provide reflections on their teaching, first after the lessons were concluded, and again after viewing complete videotaped recordings of lessons and interviews.

Lesson Artifacts:

A Slide Show of Classroom wall posters related to Core Democratic Values

3D Panorama of Matt Jason's Classroom
(quicktime is needed to view this file. If you don't have quicktime, it can be downloaded at

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