Case Study - Keith Etheridge

Core Democratic Values: All
Keith Etheridge planned this activity with his colleague at Murphy Elementary, Margaret Holtschlag, who, as Michigan Teacher of the Year, was on leave from her teaching position. She was created a program she calls "Big History" at the Michigan Historical Center in Lansing. Keith and Margaret planned a mini-version of this program for his students. After setting up the activity at school in a discussion that required his students to activate their prior knowledge of "core democratic values," his students spent a day the Historical Center investigating primary sources and exhibits and finding links in them to the "core democratic values." Back in school the next day, students engaged in a follow-up assessment activity.

Teacher: Keith Etheridge - 5th Grade, Murphy Elementary School, Haslett, Michigan

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3D Panorama of Keith Etheridge's Classroom
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A Slide Show of Classroom wall posters related to Core Democratic Values

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