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MATRIX and H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine have a longstanding commitment to developing internet-based resources for K-12 classrooms within Michigan and around the globe. MATRIX/H-Net's wide range of technical expertise and partnerships with publishers, libraries, museums, historical societies, universities, school districts and others will contribute much to this project. With more than 99 online discussion networks, which reach over 90 countries, H-Net/MATRIX is the largest distributor of electronic discussion lists in the world and hosts one of the most extensive websites in the humanities and social sciences. MATRIX is involved in a number of cooperative endeavors to digitize and make widely available archival materials, primary documents, artwork, artifacts, oral histories, speeches, and music for academic and public audiences. Creation of online databases, exhibitions, photo archives, education outreach programs and research tools are all an important part of Matrix/H-Net's work.

      • Mark Kornbluh, Director of Matrix
      • Dean Rehberger, Associate Director of Matrix
      • Michael Fegan, Project Manager and Site Architect
      • Mark Krasovic
      • Amy Couture
      • Anthony Michel
      • Geoffery Pippinger
      • Paula Rosinski

<edtech.connect> - College of Education

Michigan State University's College of Education is one of the leading colleges in the nation for pursuing a career in education. In 1998, U.S. News and World Report ranked seven of the College's programs in the top ten in the nation. Improving the educational opportunities for K-12 students has been a long-standing priority of the College, as has the pre-service and in-service education of teachers. It is also committed to developing and implementing a highly innovative environment of integrating technology into teaching. Part of this commitment is reflected in the development of a K-12 outreach initiative. This initiative, which involves moving current research in educational technology into the field, has both a wide impact on Michigan's educational community through a videotape series and through technology institutes, as well as a deep impact through consulting with individual school districts around curriculum integration, policy development, professional development, content creation, and through the Advanced Technology Certificate Program for teachers.

      • Andrew Henry, Associate Director of <edtech.connect>
      • Rodney Williams
      • Doug Collar
      • Shane Cavanaugh

Collaborating K-12 Teachers

      • Stan Hicks - Haslett High School, Haslett Public Schools
      • Carol Murray - Dwight Rich Middle School
      • James Toby - Everett High School, Lansing Public Schools
      • Keith Etheridge - Murphy Elementary, Haslett Public Schools
      • Peggy Dunn - Central Elementary, Okemos Public Schools
      • Bob Pitts - Okemos High School, Okemos Public Schools
      • Thea Glicksman - Okemos High School, Okemos Public Schools
      • Sally Hudgins - Cumberland Elementary, Lansing Schools
      • Cindy Scarlett - Kinawa Middle School, Okemos Public Schools
      • Diane Lindbert - Cornell Elementary, Okemos Public Schools
      • Susan Land - Gardner Middle School
      • Matt Jason - Otto Middle School
      • Brian DeRath - Okemos High School, Okemos Public Schools

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