Quilt Index

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The Quilt Index is the world’s leading digital repository for quilt and quilt ephemera research and scholarship. With over 100,000 quilt records from around the world, the Quilt Index contains an unprecedented amount of information about the history, culture, and art of quilt making.  Each quilt record contains a digitized image of the quilt along with up to 135 individual pieces of metadata about the artifact, including date of origin, materials used, quilters identification, and current location (among others). Because all these records utilize a common metadata structure, records are searchable across collections, making large-scale research possible and efficient.

Users can sort for quilt data based on pattern, time period, collection, style, technique, location, and purpose. This gives researchers multiple points of entry into the database and makes the finding of specific quilt records much easier. The Quilt Index is also continuously expanding with new collections being added daily.