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The Quilt Index, launched in 2003, is an international digital repository of thematic material culture whose administrative home is the Michigan State University Museum. Digitally preserved images and stories about tens of thousands of quilt artists, quilts, and quilting activities are searchable and freely accessible for research and education. Advanced tools such as zoom, search, and compare provide unprecedented opportunities for individuals to use this data for research and education.

Quilts – and the stories and images related to their making, meaning, and use – are the focus of scholars and educators reflecting a wide range of interests: from analyses of material culture in literature to studies by art historians of the development and dissemination of particular patterns or techniques, to explorations by gender, ethnic, labor, and social historians, from computer scientists interested in pattern recognition to health care providers seeking to provide more effective ways of fostering healing and well-being.

With new infusions of funds, the Quilt Index team could increase the development of new tools to help individuals to more efficiently navigate and use the vast data for their interests. We could work with more institutions and individuals to get their collections into the database.

Donate now through Michigan State University’s secure website by adding “College of Social Science Matrix” to your gift cart.

For further questions please contact:

Marsha MacDowell
Curator and Professor
Michigan State University Museum
409. W. Circle Drive
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